Custom, Quick Solutions for All Forms of Contractors Insurance

One of the primary benefits of partnering with us as your California contractor insurance company is our sole specialization in the construction industry. This means that by choosing our company, you will have solutions for all forms of insurance, including:

Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

This protects both you and your employees should worker injuries occur on a job site.

Contractor General Liability Insurance

This protects third parties from bodily injury and property damage that could result from your negligence.
Contractor Business Auto Insurance

Contractor Business Auto Insurance

This protects any vehicles associated with your business, including stake body, flatbed, and dump trucks. At Pacific United Insurance, we offer insurance through multiple carriers to ensure you receive the best rates.
Contractor License and Surety Bonds

Contractor License and Surety Bonds

This protects your funds and covers any damage to an estate caused by construction, unpaid subcontractors, and any stolen or lost items.

You Will Find 100% Satisfaction with Us!

  • In the majority of cases, we’re also able to offer quotes within just 24 hours and provide you with a certificate of insurance the exact same day. Of course, this doesn’t mean sacrificing quality service for speed either, meaning you get the same solutions in less time.100%

Your California Contractor Insurance Specialists

Insurance is vital if you’re in the construction industry. But all too often, insurance providers view insurance requirements as standard, packaged solutions that will work for all companies.

At Pacific United Insurance, we know that this isn’t the case. We view your business as unique, regardless of whether you’re a one-person company or a mid-sized contractor generating anywhere between 1 to 10 million in gross receipts.

As such, you can rely on our team to approach several markets on your behalf and leverage industry relationships to secure competitive pricing on customized insurance for your requirements.

The result is a customized insurance solution designed to comprehensively address your needs while providing premium protection for you, your employees, your customers, and your company.

Talk To Us First.

You’re Tired of Overpaying, Rate Increases, Unresponsiveness, and Standard Solutions. So Are We.

Our team refuses to accept the common issues often associated with both general and artisan contractors insurance. And by partnering with us for your insurance coverage, you can avoid overpaying, rate increases, unresponsiveness, and standard solutions that aren’t custom-tailored to your needs.

Instead, we offer direct access to the most competitive markets and the San Diego Roofing Contractors Association, allowing us to create customized solutions based upon your company. And, because we understand that your business never sleeps, we offer guaranteed access to a live person whenever you need us.

Safeguard and Secure Your Company’s Future With Pacific United Insurance

Insurance is one sacrifice you can’t afford to make when you want to safeguard the future of your company. And when you want an insurance provider that specializes in the construction industry, takes time to get to know your unique needs, and provides customized solutions for your company, Pacific United Insurance can help.

To get your own competitive quote today, contact us at 800-409-7944. We look forward to providing the protection and cost-effective coverage your company requires.

Michael Benoit (Mike)

Insurance Specialist

Patricia Mosteller

Insurance Specialist