Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Both Your Employees and Your Company

Get the right coverage and get protected with Pacific United Insurance.
Workers comp insurance simply isn’t enough for general contractors, especially in a state as litigious as California. As such, it’s vital that you decrease all liability by securing appropriate contractor general liability insurance as well.

At Pacific United Insurance, our agents have the experience and expertise necessary to guide your choice regarding what coverage is appropriate for your needs as well as which insurance carrier can provide you with the most competitive rates. As a result, you can save money, all while comprehensively protecting your company and your workers from lawsuits. Workers comp offers dual protection for your company: both for your employees in case of injury and for your company should an injured employee try to sue. And when it comes to your insurance, finding the proper coverage is essential to ensure that you, your company, and your employees are protected.

That’s why at Pacific United Insurance, we don’t just provide standard contractor workers compensation to all of our clients. Instead, we offer customized solutions based on the needs of your company and California law.

With Pacific United Insurance, You Receive Competitively-Priced, Comprehensive Coverage

Our team believes that you shouldn’t have to worry about overpaying, rate changes, or other common contractor insurance issues. That’s why with our services, you receive competitively priced packages available through our access to over 150 different markets and industry relationships.

The best part is that you’ll receive the comprehensive coverage both you and your employees deserve without breaking the bank. Just check out some of our most recent customers and their solutions based off of their annual payrolls:

  • Caulking Contractor in San Diego, CA
    This business is an owner with 3 employees at a $50,000 payroll and pays just $4,785.
  • Security Company in Sacramento, CA
    This business is an owner only with 2 employees at a $42,000 payroll and pays just $3,489.
  • HVAC Contractor in Bakersfield, CA
    This business is an owner with 2 employees at a $32,000 payroll and pays just $3,724.
  • General Contractor in Studio City, CA
    This business is an owner with 3 employees at a $126,000 payroll and pays just $19,250.
Please note that pricing may differ depending upon credit, loss ratio, and claim history.

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1Why Does My Company Need Workers Compensation Insurance?
Workers compensation insurance is required by law for all general and artisan contractors in the state of California. Specifically, the statutory limits in California are $1,000,000 and this amount is what is deemed necessary by law.

Aside from the legal requirements for workers comp, both companies and employees directly benefit from this form of coverage. That’s because this insurance protects employees from the expense of medical bills that result from workplace injuries while employers are protected from lawsuits that can potentially bankrupt a business should an accident occur and an employee attempts to sue.
2Saving You Money on Your Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums
When you partner with Pacific United Insurance, you receive a true partner dedicated to reducing your insurance premiums through several methods, including evaluating rates, annual audits and managing risks.
3Evaluating Rates
Many insurance companies offer standard rates for workers compensation insurance. However, rates may be discounted or credited depending upon your loss experience.
4Annual Audits
Auditing your premium allows us to ensure that you’re rates are kept up-to-date in accordance with your records and classifications.
5Managing Risk
Of course, you can also take safety precautions on job sites to reduce the probability of employee injuries.